The Cypress Promise

Cypress’ Promise to our clients is to be as convenient, friendly and economical as possible while still providing an ultimate-service experience.

Because we’re fanatical about making your experience with Cypress second to none, we’re constantly evolving and improving our way of doing business, paying attention to the task of taking your experience to the next level.

Welcome to Cypress

Thank you for your interest in Cypress Air Charter. Find out why others are choosing Cypress Air Charter for their air travel.



Cypress enables you to choose between hundreds of airports, reducing your travel time by getting you to your destinations faster.



Inquire today to get rates customized for you and your itinerary. You’ll be surprised how affordable luxury and convenience can be.

  • Cypress Air Charter is a FAA Approved Air Charter
  • Ultimate convenience and service.
  • Simple pricing with a 100% quote guarantee
  • Time Savings
  • Brick and Mortar

Unlike most charter companies, Cypress exclusively operates and maintains all the aircraft in which you and your family will travel. Our fleet of charter aircraft maximizes your cost savings while providing you with a safe and comfortable flight. This means you save more without sacrificing quality.

Our team is passionate about providing you with the best charter experience possible. We’re driven to make your experience with Cypress Air Charter second to none.

Cypress Air Charter promises our clients the ultimate in service, an experience that’s as convenient, friendly, and economical as possible – every time.


“Cypress Air Charter is a company that I am happy to recommend. Having the ability to travel as easily as I do with Cypress has allowed me to see patients on the East coast of Florida. My practice has significantly benefited for this. I have found the service affordable, flexible and very comfortable. I enjoyed my trips so much, I also used Cypress on a personal trip for my anniversary to Key West this summer. I look forward to continuing to travel with Cypress Air Charter.”

Dr. Trainer, Fort Myers, Florida

“Love Love Love! Can’t say enough about the folks at Cypress Air Charter. As a conference organizer I am a frequent traveler to Orlando and I must say I’d be lost without Cypress. They have a great team and they are all so friendly and accommodating. Cypress look after my every need when I travel. Not only do I arrive in comfort and without all the stress you can get with the commercial airlines, but they help organize my entire stay – helping me with hotel choices and car hire organization. They are my secret weapon when I travel to conferences throughout the year.”

Melinda A., Fort Myers, Florida

“Excellent service. The best air charter company in Florida and I have tried them all.”

Bruce R., Naples, Florida

“I travel regularly between Tampa and Atlanta. I’d tried other charter flight companies before I was lucky enough to find Cypress Air Charter.The difference really is night and day. Cypress go the extra mile in everything they do. The service is first class from the moment I pick up the phone to book a flight to the time my trip is over. I love the flexibility and convenience that comes with getting a charter flight, especially with my busy schedule. But the comfort, service and experience provided by Cypress just makes it even better. I won’t fly with any other company in the region.”

David S., Tampa, Florida

“If I had to give a rating out of 10, Cypress Air Charter would score a perfect 10. I have used Cypress regularly for the past 12 months as our business expanded to The Bahamas. The thought of flying on a commercial flight from Fort Lauderdale or Miami like I used to makes me value the service that Cypress delivers even more. Their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. It’s refreshing to write a review of a company and be so happy with the service provided. Two thumbs way up as the movie critics say!”

Lauren M., Fort Lauderdale, Florida